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Welcome to Carmi Taekwondo Center!


Carmi Taekwondo Center (CTC) is located in downtown Carmi, IL and has been open since January 6, 2004.  On September 3, 2013 CTC relocated to 106 E. Main St. (the former Western Auto building).  CTC teaches Songahm style Taekwondo and is a member of the American Taekwondo Association. 

Carmi Taekwondo Center offers both child and adult classes.  Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that focuses primarily on kicking techniques.  Although viewed by many as a sport today, the techniques of Taekwondo are very applicable in self-defense. 

Taekwondo training offers a variety of physical and mental benefits.  Students learn self-defense techniques in addition to improving their physical fitness.  Taekwondo also reinforces such mental attributes as: self-control, perseverance, honor, loyalty, respect, courtesy, and integrity.  More information about Taekwondo can be found throughout this web site. 


Songahm Spirit of Taekwondo


The Songahm Spirit of Taekwondo is recited before and after class and other Songahm Taekwondo functions.

Beginning oath


Sir, I will practice in the Spirit of Taekwondo,

with Courtesy for fellow students,

Loyalty for my instructor,

and Respect for my juniors and seniors, sir.


Ending oath


Sir, I shall live with Perseverance in the Spirit of Taekwondo,

having Honor with others,

Integrity within myself,

and Self-control in my actions, sir.


Vision Statement


Carmi Taekwondo Center's vision is to provide the best sports and fitness instruction in the tri-state area at a competitive price. To be the best is to train the best.

Mission Statement


Carmi Taekwondo Center's mission is to provide quality instructors and instruction to everyone in the tri-state area that wants to learn a martial art. We want to improve our students both physically and mentally. We stress the importance of courtesy, respect, cooperation, self-control, perseverance, and peaceful resolutions to problems in addition to physical fitness. CTC offers excellent instructor/student ratios that provide students with personalized attention. Carmi Taekwondo Center will retain these values as we continue to grow and expand. We pride ourselves as a local business that responds to local concerns and offer programs that reflect both social and community needs. We believe that without our instructional staff we could not function effectively. It is our supporting staff that drives our business.


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